Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about Maitland Valley Fishing Charters. We hope these help you out. If you don’t find the information you need here please email us and we’ll get back to you as quick as we can. (please click here to go to our Contact Us page)

Q. What kind of fishing charters do you offer?
A. We are fully equipped to fish for salmon, rainbow, lake trout, perch and walleye. We can fish for half days or full days. Whatever your schedule and budget is ready for.

Q. How many people can you take on your boat?
A. We can accommodate up to 5 or 6  people for fishing and up to 5 or 6 people for sightseeing/area boat tours. You can find out more information by following this link to another page on our website (click here to go to the Fishing Charter page)  —  (click here to go to the Sightseeing Charter page)

Q. Do you only fish on certain days or at certain times?
A. We will try to accommodate any day – weather permitting of course. We recommend you come prepared for the forecasted weather.

Q. What about rain or fog or rough water?
A. Our vessel is very safe and is equipped with state of the art marine navigation equipment, radar and communications equipment. The Captain is well experienced in their use and has many years of experience of boating on the water – in all kinds of weather and water conditions. If we encounter rain, fog or rough water conditions he will bring you safely back to shore.

Q. Do I have to supply or bring my own fishing gear and lifejacket?
A. If you have a favorite hat, socks lucky shirt wear that. We will supply everything else. And, be ready to reel in the fish!

Q. Do I need to bring bait and lures?
A. We will provide bait and lures for fishing. You are welcome to bring your own bait and lures if you have your own favorites.

Q. Do I need to have a fishing license to go out with you?
A. Every person over the age of 18 must have a valid fishing license if they intend to fish. Any person who is going along strictly as an observer and does not intend to fish will not need a fishing license.

Q. Can you provide me with a fishing license?
A. Each person is responsible for having a license. Service Ontario is the easiest place to obtain one. (click here to go to Province of Ontario webpage for more info)

Q. Will I need the fishing license before we leave the dock?
A. We will need to confirm that each person who is going fishing has a valid license prior to leaving the dock.

Q. Can I keep all of the fish I catch?
A. You will be allowed to keep the fish you catch as long as the catch is in full compliance with the Ministry of Natural Resources regulations.

Q. How much do your charters cost?
A. You can find more general information by visiting these pages on our website (click here for Fishing Charters)  —  (click here for Sightseeing Charters). Please contact us directly for more specific details regarding available dates, times, and pricing.

Q. How do I pay for a charter?
A. Charters can be paid for by cash or etransfer.

Q. What about cancellations and refunds?
A. Cancellations and refunds will be looked after promptly when required.

Q. What happens if you cannot go out on the water on the day of the charter because of bad weather or rough water?
A. We will do our best to reschedule and accommodate your schedule. It is our goal to provide you with a memorable fishing experience, however we cannot control the weather.

Q. Is your charter business insured?
A. Yes, our business is fully insured at appropriate levels. We can show you proof of insurance if requested.

Q. Do you offer charters for boat rides and tours of the area?
A. Yes, we offer charters for boat rides, sightseeing, etc. You can find more information by following this link to another page on our website (click here to go to the page)

If you are unable to find the answer in the FAQs above or elsewhere on our website please contact us directly. We will be happy to discuss the matter with you. You can submit your question by following this link to another page on our website (click here to go to the page).